Simply Secure

At SiteSimplicity we take your internet security seriously

And so should you.


Kiwi Victims of Cybercrime

Computer Security Incidents

Average Website Hack Cost ($1000)

Annual Losses to Cybercrime ($1000))

The internet is a wild and crazy place and having an insecure website is like putting you and your clients private information in the street for anyone to use.

Even the simplest website collects data like email addresses and search histories that can be stolen and used by criminals – let alone eCommerce or membership sites which collect personal and financial information about their customers. And if it happens to your website then you’re liable, and the cost could run to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How We Secure Your Site

Premium Plugins

WordPress uses components called plugins to help provide the versatility it’s famous for.

But with that versatility comes security risks, particularly from free and therefore unsupported plugins that a commonly used in low cost WordPress web designs.

At SiteSimplicity we prefer to use ‘premium’ plugins, plugins that are paid for and therefore are regularly updated to address changes in the WordPress platform or security vulnerabilities that may come along.

Yes they cost more but it’s a small price to pay to help minimise security risks.

WordPress Security

All SiteSimplicity websites come with one of two security plugins installed (at no additional cost) – a basic plugin for websites not collecting payment information and a ‘pro’ version for ecommerce sites.

The plugins help prevent fraudulent login attempts and monitor and report on any changes to the website.

Regular Backups

All our websites come with an independent cloud based backup plugin that regularly copies your entire website to a third party server independent of where the website’s hosted.

Therefore should the worst happen we can get your website back up and running quickly and easily by replacing the compromised website with a clean backup.

SSL Certificates

AT SiteSimplicity we strongly recommend that all eCommerce websites operate through SSL (security) certificates.

That’s the https:// part at the beginning of a web address that shows you that the website is a ‘secure site’.

Installing SSL certificates is relatively simple and while they may cost (from around $100 a year) it is a small price to pay to secure your website and tends to pay for itself many times over in additional sales to customers who value the security of SSL and only buy off SSL secured eCommerce sites.

SiteSimplicity Websites are Simply Secure