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If you own a Smart Phone you’ll have experienced it – searching on your phone only to hit a website you can’t read or use.

At which point, just like you, your potential customers navigate away – to your competition.

Craig Rhodes

Managing Director, SiteSimplicity

Search Statistics 2011 – 2015

  • Desktop Search 2011 98%
  • Desktop Search 2015 68%
  • Mobile Search 2011 2%
  • Mobile Search 2015 20%

You Need to be Responsive

In the last 5 years the nature of the internet has changed – if your website is not Responsive (changes format based on the devise viewing it) then you’re loosing customers, you’re loosing sales.

Since 2011 the volume on internet search traffic (people looking for you and your business) on desktop computers has dropped by over 30%, while the volume of mobile searches has increased over 200%.

What’s more, people searching on mobile are more likely to be buyers –  when they hit your website they’re actively looking to buy what your selling.

They’re Buying on Mobile

More eCommerce sales are now made mobile than desktop and

A non-responsive website is the biggest barrier to sales there is.

If your website is not responsive not only are you loosing inquiries, leads that ‘could’ turn into sales, it’s worse than that.

A non-responsive website will be directly loosing you sales and costing your bottom line.


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