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Kiwis Shopping Online


Increase in Online Spend


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Online Revenue ($Billion)

eCommerce Statistics 2010 – 2015

  • Online Shoppers 2010 46%
  • Online Shoppers 2015 58%
  • People who bought a product online in the last Month 49.3%
  • Spend of between $20 and $500 80%

You Need to be Selling Online

In the last 5 years the nature of the business has changed – and not just retail and ‘traditional’ eCommerce like TradeMe or Amazon.

In the modern world every business needs to consider eCommerce as part of their online presence, giving their existing and potential customers the convenience of buying online 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

What’s more, people searching online are more likely to be buyers –  when they hit your website they’re actively looking to buy what your selling.

At SiteSimplicty We Make the Move to eCommerce Simple

Store Fronts

At SiteSimplicty we offer a choice of leading eCommerce Store Fronts so whether you’re selling physical or virtual products  or services you can get an option tailored to your needs.

Payment Gatesways

At SiteSimplicity we offer a range of payment gateways supporting almost every currency on earth.

From PayPal to Credit cards, or payments directly to your bank account getting payment should never be an issue.

SSL Certificates

Securely encrypt your customer data, help protect yourself,  improve your Google ranking and add credibility to your eCommerce website with an SSL Certificate, the best way to secure your eCommerce site.

Marketing Integration

Help promote your store with integrated email customer management and Social Media marketing tools, to simplify, and automate aspects of your eCommerce site.

Why Kiwis Buy Online

Ecommerce sales are growing year on year and consistantly consumers give 3 reasons to prefer buying online








B2B Buyers prefer ecommerce

Simple eCommerce for Business to Business

ECommerce isn’t just about consumer sales. In the Business to Business world eCommerce is changing the playing field.

By giving your clients the capacity to order your products and services when and where it suits them, or increasing your sales teams efficiency by allowing them to place orders ‘on the run’, eCommerce can give you a crucial competitive advantage and has the power to transform your business.

SiteSimplicity Makes eCommerce Simple