Our Sites Are Simply Supported

We think you should be free to get on with business, not plagued by website hassles, therefore all of our website hosting packages come with support services built in.

Our Sites Are Simply Responsive

If your customers can’t use your site on a Smart Phone (it isn’t responsive) then they navigate away – to your competition. Don’t let this happen to you.

Our Sites Are Simple to Use

All our websites are built in WordPress, the most popular and versatile Content Management Systems (CMS) out there.

Simply Simple eCommerce

Every business needs to consider eCommerce as part of their online presence, giving their customers the convenience of buying online 24/7.

Our Sites Are Simply Secure

The internet is a wild and crazy place so at SiteSimplicity we take your businesses internet security seriously, and so should you.

Who are Your Potential Customers:


Look for Information Online


Research Products Online


Visited a Business as a Result


Buy Products Online

If you’re not online You’re missing out